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Abalone Farm Approved

Abalone Farm Approved

EPA Grants Works Approval For Abalone Farm Near Portland

The Environment Protection Authority has approved Works Approval for a Melbourne based company to construct a new 1,000 tonne per annum abalone farm at Dutton’s Way, Bolwarra, near Portland.

Yumbah Nyamat has EPA approval to start works on the abalone farm as long as certain conditions are met. These conditions are set by Glenelg Shire Council.

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The Works Approval sets out stringent conditions for the construction phase to ensure the plant meets all environmental performance standards on an ongoing basis. During commissioning of the farm, EPA will also require the company to provide proof of performance testing. Independent verification of construction and proof of performance testing will also be required.

Yumbah will also need to obtain an Aquaculture Licence from the Victorian Fisheries Authority and an EPA Licence to operate the farm once constructed.

The farm will include a hatchery, nursery and grow out tanks, pumping seawater to the land-based farm, before discharging treated water to the bay through a series of outlet pipelines.

EPA Director of Development Assessments Tim Faragher says EPA’s decision follows many months of consultation and a thorough assessment of the company’s application.

“Among other issues, we considered the proposed wastewater treatment system and potential effects of the wastewater discharge, noise, odour, groundwater, the principles of the Environment Protection Act 1970, biosecurity, environmental management and potential risks to human health and the environment through assessment of risks to beneficial uses,”

“EPA is satisfied the farm can be built in a way that meets stringent environmental standards and will not cause detrimental environmental impacts on the health of the local community.” 

EPA’s detailed assessment report, a summary report and the works approval document is available at

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