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Big Effort for Big Life

Big Effort for Big Life

Riders complete almost 300km journey from Warrnambool to Dockland Stadium

Determined local riders have pulled off the Big Ride for a Big Life, with the convoy rolling into Melbourne on Friday afternoon.

The riders departed Warrnambool in two separate groups, with 4am and 5:30am departure times respectively ensuring they arrived at Docklands Stadium in time to be greeted by Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

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The inaugural event aimed to raise money for Big Life, which was established in Warrnambool five years ago in response to an ever-increasing wave of mental health-related problems presenting at local schools.

Big Life is neither reactive nor clinical, instead it exposes students to programs, techniques and ways of thinking to help them build a positive and resilient mindset.

It establishes mental health and wellbeing issues as a normal part of children’s lives helping to destigmatise mental health and creating a more supportive environment for children experiencing mental health problems.

Cyclist and ride participant Justin Vincent teaches at Warrnambool College.

“As a teacher, I see every day the effects of mental health problems and children unable to reach their full potential due to circumstances beyond their control,” Mr Vincent said.

“The Big Life program helps to strengthen students and gives them tools for a positive mindset to help with the rest of their lives, this will help them just as much as any academic learning at school.”

The fundraising tally had eclipsed $36,000 at the time of departure from Warrnambool on Friday morning.

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