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Warrnambool Base Hospital

Britnell: Govt Misses Mark

Britnell: Govt Misses Mark

Warrnambool Base Hospital

Local MP Says Labor Misses Chance To Support Warrnambool Nurses

In the lead up to last November's state election, the Andrews Government stated it would work on improving nurse-to-patient ratios at Warrnambool Base Hospital.

However, Member for South West, Roma Britnell says legislation passed by the government earlier this week failed to include the hospital.

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Mrs Britnell says the government has missed the chance to show support for the Warrnambool community and deliver on an election promise.

“This was an opportunity for the Labor Government to show they do actually care about the nurses of Warrnambool and come good on their promise to increase staffing levels,”

“But the legislation introduced failed to do so and when I raised the matter in a briefing with the department, I was told it could be some years away.”

Mrs Britnell says she's disappointed.

"Warrnambool Base Hospital is the biggest in Western Victoria, but Daniel Andrews and Labor have failed to do anything about the dire need to upgrade the emergency department and operating theatres."

“I invited the new Health Minister Jenny Mikakos to visit the hospital 61 days ago, to see for herself how cramped these areas and the amazing job our doctors and nurses are doing in such limiting facilities."

“To date, I have not received a response, again showing just how high on Labor’s radar the Warrnambool Base Hospital is.”

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