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Community Energy Project

Community Energy Project

Switch Flicked On At Community Garden

The Warrnambool Community Garden is set to unveil an exciting energy project at it's weekly market on Wednesday afternoon.

The project consists of a 6.6 kW solar system mounted on the HUB building with the solar array helping to reduce on-site power usage and provide power to the Quarry redevelopment project.

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The $8,000 project is a partnership between Warrnambool Community Garden, South West Community Energy and Warrnambool City Council and builds on the hard work of many volunteers, supporters and friends of the partner organisations.

The project funds have been loaned to the Warrnambool Community Garden as a zero-interest loan to purchase the brand-new expanded solar PV system. The loan is to be repaid in instalments over 8 years, after
which all savings go directly to Warrnambool Community Garden.

The solar system will dramatically cut energy costs for the garden and its many members and users. The system will produce around 10,600 kwh a year which will save around 10.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Taking
an average 2 years to pay off the embedded energy in the manufacturing of the panels, after 25 years a 6.6kw system will have a net saving of around 243 tonnes of CO2.

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