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FFMVic Recruitment

FFMVic Recruitment

Recruitment for Project Firefighters for upcoming warmer months

The Victorian Government is recruiting forest firefighters, who are ready to step up and help protect their communities and the environment over the warmer months.

Applications have now opened for South West residents of all backgrounds to join Forest Fire Management Victoria as seasonal project firefighters.

There are 21 positions available in the Barwon South West region for general firefighters, as well as one fire support officer role in Colac.

A number of positions have also been identified for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

FFMVic Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Barwon South West David Roberts, said they encourage anyone interested to apply for multiple sites across the region.

"In the Barwon South West we've got our work centres spread across the district and region, places like Portland-Nelson, Casterton, Heywood, Dartmoor and through the Otway Ranges such as Gellibrand and Barwon Downs" he said.

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"We're after people with pretty good fitness, the work that the crews get involved in is pretty arduous, so a reasonable level of fitness, but training wise we provide a huge amount of training throughout the course of the employment"

"We're really just looking for people who are really keen to I guess get involved in teamwork, work within small communities, but also be prepared to get involved in anything, roll the sleeves up and have a go that's the mantra"

As well as their crucial frontline duties, forest firefighters play an important role in bushfire prevention and preparedness, conducting planned burns, undertaking roadside vegetation and fire trail maintenance and other fuel management activities.

Applications for Project Firefighters are close on Sunday August 23, for further information including how to apply visit or call 136 186.

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