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Fourth Recycle Bin

Fourth Recycle Bin

Glass Recycling Bin For Wbool

Warrnambool City Council has voted this week to introduce a fourth recycle bin to local households which will be a trial glass collection bin.

This means homes will now have a general rubbish bin, a glass collection bin, a Fogo bin, and a recycling bin.

This follows the success of the FOGO bin for green waste.

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Mayor Tony Herbert says part of the issue is that the glass shards that are currently going into the recycling bin have actually ruined the bulk of the recycling goods.

Residents will receive a new 140 litre bin for general rubbish which will be collected fortnightly, and the current 80 litre general rubbish bin will be used for the new glass collection trial.

The Mayor says some residents may find a fourth bin challenging and that's why council is going to introduce the new bin during a trial period.

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