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Fundraiser For Simulator

Fundraiser For Simulator


The Warrnambool Ambulance Branch is fundraising in order to purchase a training device, that will provide expertise for all levels of paramedics.

The highly advanced patient device simulator which is worth $19,000, mimics a range of monitors, defibrillators and ventilators for training purposes.

The equipment will enable local paramedics to perfect high fidelity skills in a controlled learning environment, using one of the most advanced training simulators available on the market.

MICA Paramedic Sam Uren, says that simulation is a key part of keeping paramedics ready, for all eventualities.

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"Simulation is vital to our ongoing performance and it's been proven time and time again that the more simulations you do, the better your performance is out in the real world" he said.

"That is for everyone from the new graduates coming through day one out on the road, right up to people like myself with 20-30 years on the job, we all benefit".

Further details about the device can be found via this link, while a donation form can also be found below.

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