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Handgun Collection. Image: Joshuashearn

Illegal Firearms In Sight

Illegal Firearms In Sight

Handgun Collection. Image: Joshuashearn

New Police Unit Targets Illegal Guns

A new Victoria Police unit has been set up to prevent firearms getting into the wrong hands and protect communities from serious and organised crime.

Dubbed the Illicit Firearms Unit (IFU), the new unit includes a team of 22 experienced investigators focussed on deterring and disrupting firearms related crime.

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The unit will focus on investigating the manufacturing and trafficking of illicit firearms, and work to proactively stop this criminal activity in its tracks, including that linked to organised crime groups and gangs.

Additionally, Victoria Police will continue to focus on the risk that illegal firearms pose in the community in relation to homicides, shootings, drugs and family violence.

The team will work closely with enforcement agencies across Australia and monitor a range of investigations and incidents to help stop the manufacturing and trafficking of illegal firearms into the state.

In 2017, 10 dedicated detectives were allocated to the Firearms Investigation Teams within the Victoria Police’s Armed Crime Squad, with a current annual investment of $1.5 million. An additional 12 positions have been
added to enable the establishment of this dedicated Illicit Firearms Unit, led by a Detective Inspector and Detective Senior Sergeant.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimates that there are more than 260,000 firearms in the illicit firearms market across Australia.

In 2020, there were nine fatal shootings and 41 non-fatal shootings resulting in injury. Last year, police across Victoria also seized more than 770 firearms.

Since May 2018, Victoria Police has served 669 Firearms Prohibitions Orders that are currently active. Victoria Police is continuing to recruit extra police following a record $3 billion Andrews Labor Government
investment that has already seen almost 1,900 of 3,135 new police deployed or committed to communities in the south west and across the state.

It is expected that by April 2021, more than 2,700 new police will have been deployed across Victoria.

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