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Meet Your WCC Candidates

Meet Your WCC Candidates

Learn More About The Candidates For This Year's WCC Election

The Warrnambool City Council Elections for this year are coming up soon, with a number of local residents putting their hand up as a candidate. Some candidates you might know quite well, others you might not. Learn more about the candidates in our video interview series, hosted by Ace Radio's Kate Meade.

Vicki Jellie
As a lifelong Warrnambool resident, Vicki Jellie is passionate about our local Warrnambool community and hopes that her previous experience in bringing positive outcomes to the south west will hold her in good stead in the upcoming election.

Peter Sycopolis
A strong work ethic, extensive business experience, integrity and a high moral compass is what Peter Sycopoulis says he will bring to council

Cassandra Prigg
A strong supporter of the south west's young people, Cassandra Prigg returned home from the city a few years ago and has thrown herself back into the local community.

Lynn Hudson
Lynn is a relative newcomer to the area, but is passionate about the region and wants to restore harmony and transparency to the council.

Debbie Arnott
Debbie has been a part of the Warrnambool business community for many years and believes her experience will be a strong asset for the council.

Ben Blain
Ben Blain has been going to council meetings for many years and is passionate about the various issues that ratepayers face.

Matthew Walsh
Matthew is throwing his hat into the council ring so he could no longer stand back and be unhappy with the lack of quality engagement from council to the community.

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Michael McCluskey
A passionate and long term committee member at the Warrnambool Riding for the Disabled Association, Michael McCluskey has also served for a number of years as Director of Finance on the Board of Management of a local sporting club.

Jim Burke
Jim has lived in Warrnambool for over a decade and if elected, will work to develop a Council that behaves ethically and transparently and is trusted by the community.

Jacinta Anderson
This is Jacinta's second crack at running for Warrnambool City Council and is passionate about community, sustainability and restoring faith in the Council.

Richard Ziegeler
Richard Ziegeler is keen to keep Warrnambool and surrounds an affordable place for families of any background to enjoy all that the area has to offer

Otha Akoch
A positive voice that brings transparent and hon est governance back to the people of Warrnambool is what Otha Akoch promises if he is elected to Council.

Bruce Campbell
Volunteering with Council in various roles for many years, Bruce is keen to put his experience to good use as a Councilor.

Michael Neoh
Michael Neoh is putting is hand-up for re-election and is a strong, experienced and dedicated Councilor who can deliver.

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