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Metro Catching Up

Metro Catching Up

Premier Announces Metro Easing & When 'Ring Of Steel' Will Come Down

Following Victoria's first day without a new case of Covid-19 since June, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that from 11:59pm on Tuesday, Metropolitan areas will take their next step toward being on a level pegging with Regional Victoria.

The 25km travel limit and the 'Ring Of Steel' will remain until November 8, when Metropolitan areas will move to the same restriction level as Regional Victoria.

The Premier also confirmed that on November 8, the entire state will get a clearer picture as to what the rest of November looks like, and the timelines and thresholds for taking the last step on the roadmap out of restrictions.

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From The Premier's Statement

While the boundary is in place, work permits will still be required for workers from Melbourne travelling into regional Victoria – and vice versa.

From 8 November, and if we can continue driving case numbers down, the 25km limit will come off and Melbourne will be able to meet regional Victoria at the same level.

That means the same eased restrictions that apply to regional Victoria will also apply to Melbourne.

And because Melburnians will have well and truly earnt a holiday, accommodation will also reopen. The border between the city and the rest of our state will also fall away.

I know personally – deeply – just how much this will mean for thousands of Victorians who haven’t been able to see loved ones for far too long.

It will mean families are whole again. Our state is whole again.

I understand there'll be questions, “what about X?” or “when can I do Y?”. And I promise, we’ll also have an update on 8 November on the timelines and thresholds for taking the Last Step.

We want to reach COVID Normal by Christmas and right now, we’re on track to do that.

It’s why we’ve got to keep going – all of us. Understanding that even though restrictions may ease, our personal responsibility in all this doesn’t.

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