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New Family Violence Tool

New Family Violence Tool

Frontline Cops Now Better Equipped To Deal With Family Violence In The Field

A new family violence reporting tool is now available to all frontline police officers, ensuring incident reports can now be filed timely and more accurately.

Unveiled on Wednesday, Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville joined Family Violence Command Assistant Commissioner Dean McWhirter to announce the state-wide launch of the new Family Violence Report, after a successful two-year pilot.

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The new tool allows police to make better decisions based on the information they collect when they respond to a family violence incident, improving accuracy and ensuring prompt referrals.

Officers can use their mobile devices to make the report, which provides greater guidance for risk assessment and management to protect more victims and hold more perpetrators to account.

The launch complements the recent completion of the mobile device rollout to frontline police, including general duties officers, highway patrol members, the operations response unit, transit and protective services officers.

Police officers found it had a positive impact for victims and on their own work.

The reporting tool delivers on one of 277 recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville says family violence is an all too common occurence.

“Victoria Police respond to a family violence incident every seven minutes on average, making it our number one law and order issue.”

“This new reporting tool gives our frontline police the ability to make faster, more accurate reports as they’re responding to a family violence incident, better protecting victims and providing timelier referrals to support services.”

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