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New Temp Council Jobs

New Temp Council Jobs

Conrangamite Residents Are Encouraged To Apply

Corangamite Shire Council has created new temporary jobs as part of the $500 million Working for Victoria initiative.

Through Working for Victoria, the Victorian Government is supporting these roles that will contribute to slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the local community and help many Victorians get back to work.

Corangamite Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mason said the new jobs meant incomes for Shire residents and families hit hard by coronavirus shutdown job losses.

“These employment opportunities cover a variety of skilled and unskilled roles, including roles to assist with economic and community recovery, community care, volunteer support and infrastructure improvements,"

“Working for Victoria will fund positions for six months, and Council will fund many of the jobs for a further six months.”

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The positions available through Corangamite Shire Council are:

- 10 labourers

- eight administration officers

- six plant operators

- five community care workers

- four trades assistants

- two community recovery officers

- two design engineers

- economic development recovery officer

- communications recovery officer

- volunteer support officer

- rural access officer

- environmental health officer

- community group support officer

The positions will be funded by $2.3 million from Working for Victoria and $1.4 million from Council. Mr Mason says that no existing Council jobs would be negatively affected by the Working for Victoria jobs.

“These are new roles that would not have existed under our previous plans,”

Mr Mason says some successful candidates may have the opportunity of ongoing employment at the end of their tenure, but all would definitely have added skills and experience.

Mayor Neil Trotter said Council was pleased to be working with the Victorian Government on the Working for Victoria initiative.

“The aim is to get people earning again for their own wellbeing and security and that of their families.

“That income will enable more spending at local businesses to restart the local economy.

“Twelve months from now, our local workforce will have a greater depth of skill, and the community will have benefitted from the work that is done during this coming year.”

The positions are only available to people who have registered with Working for Victoria and provided information about your skills, experience, and job preferences.

For more information and to register to be eligible for these positions, go to

Initial applications close on Friday 19 June.

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