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Not Impressed

Not Impressed

Wbool Ratepayers Association.

Warrnambool Rate Payers Association has labeled an approved rate increase by the Essential Services Commission as unaffordable.

President Brian Kelson says council should look at cutting staffing costs first before putting an added 2 percent more on local rates increasing it to 4.5 percent.

Brian says we can't afford it and it never should have happened as 95 percent of residents voted against it.

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He says there are a lot of people out there doing it tough and this is going to make it even tougher for them.

Brian claims council is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for management positions including a City Projects Manager, a Reid Oval Manager, and an Activation Officer for Flagstaff Hill.

He claims that's 700 thousand dollars lost to management fees each year and that's only touching the surface.

Council now has the option to adopt a budget with the rate cap variation when it meets on June 24.”

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