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PDH Vacc Clinic Shifts

PDH Vacc Clinic Shifts

New site for Portland District Health vaccination clinic from Friday

Portland's COVID-19 vaccination clinic is moving from the hospital site to the Civic Hall from this Friday.

Portland District Health COVID vaccination program executive sponsor Claire Holt said that as vaccination numbers ramp up, a new venue was needed for the community clinic.

Mrs Holt said the new site at 30 Bentick Street allowed greater throughput while protecting the hospital.

"It was always our plan B and we've now progressed to the stage that we need to move," she said.

"Although we haven't had any local cases, with the Delta variant, it is recommended that we minimise the number of people walking through the hospital"

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We have done that with all other clinical areas but people using the vaccination clinic had to exit through the main entrance.

"With vaccine numbers increasing, we couldn't increase the number of people coming through the hospital so we've had to move off-site."

Mrs Holt said the Civic Hall was an ideal site for mass vaccinations.

"This site will allow more people to be vaccinated each week, we will have better flow through the whole process within the one room, while people can also wait in the foyer area."

Mrs Holt said anyone with an existing appointment should note the change of venue.

Pfizer clinics for the next two weeks are fully booked but there are some spaces for AstraZeneca.

To arrange a COVID Vaccination appointment please go to the government Coronavirus webpage, or call1800 675 398.

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