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Police Warn Of Scams

Police Warn Of Scams

Warrnambool Police Urge Local Community To Be Vigilant

Police have urged the Great South Coast community, to be on the look out for scams, with an increase in reports recently.

It's prompted Police to reach out to the community, with a reminder to never hand over personal details over the phone, and to contact authorities if residents believe they may have been the victim of a scam.

Acting Senior Sergeant Tom Morris from Warrnambool Police, says unfortunately elderly residents are often targeted, making it important the community works together to educate each other about scams.

"There's been an influx of recent ones that have been reported to us lately, we're just trying to encourage people to get in touch with your local police if you are targeted, before you do anything else" he said.

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"Education's a big thing, often what these people will do is target a local area and pick numbers at random"

"So if you've received a call, there's a likelihood your neighbour, your friend or an elderly person that you know will as well, so by all means if you receive a call just educate other people".

Acting Senior Sergeant Morris also encouraged the community to also follow the Stay Smart Facebook Page, which often contains information about current scams.

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