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Regional Recovery

Regional Recovery

Ace Radio Morning Crew Exclusive with Premier Daniel Andrews

In an exclusive with Ace Radio's Morning Crew, Premier Daniel Andrews spoke with Gabbie and Dan about the road to recovery for regional Victoria.

Premier Andrews said, it has been very encouraging to see case numbers drop significantly in regional and rural areas.

"From a Regional Victorian point of view, we've seen case number go from 500 just a few weeks ago down to under 100... we're very confident that because of the sacrifices that regional Victorian's are making and continuing to come forward, get tested, they're doing a sterling job, a really, really good job of getting these cases down."

Mr Andrews said regional Victoria will ease restrictions in the very near future.

"I think there are some big changes coming for Regional Victoria and it will only be a few weeks time, I think we are very confident we can get these numbers well down and then take those steady steps towards a much more normal life in rural and regional Victoria. And I am very proud of the contribution that regional Victorians' are making."

Dan from the Morning Crew made the point, "from Sunday (13.09.20) once it gets under five cases a day for two weeks we will drop another step, It's sitting at six at the moment." He asked the Premier if this will be a difficult goal to achieve.

The Premier noted, Geelong won't hold back the rest of regional Victoria. He said, "if we have to treat Geelong separately, then we have foreshadowed that we will do that."

Gabie questioned with the new outline of steps based on numbers of cases instead of an end date, if he was concerned that people deliberately won't get tested.

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Mr Andrews responded, "No, I think that all of us really clearly understand that false hope is no hope and if we pretend that this is over, if we say, oh I won't get tested, let's have the testing numbers much lower, and we can just pretend that the virus isn't there, that will achieve nothing."

"I would encourage anyone that's got symptoms, no matter how mild, to please come forward and get tested. It's a massive contribution that you can make at a very personal level in our collective fight against this. So that when we open up, we do so with the clearest picture and we do so based on evidence and facts. Based on the data and what the doctors tell us is safe."

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