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File photo: roadside vegetation

Renewed Calls

Renewed Calls

File photo: roadside vegetation

MP Calls Again For Coordinated Approach To Roadside Vegetation Management

In Parliament earlier this week, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has again called on the Minister for Environment Lily D'Ambrosio to cut red tape that is hampering management of roadside vegetation in the south west region and across the state.

Ms Britnell says she has raised the issue every year since being elected, but the Minister has failed to sort out the issue.

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“The roadsides are a mess and no one knows what to do about it – you talk to VicRoads and they say it’s DELWP, talk to DELWP and they says it’s local government and local government just scratch their heads saying how is this our job,”

“It needs to be sorted out once and for all and we need to have clear policies in place for the reduction of roadside vegetation, that removes invasive species, keeps native species managed and allows for preventative works to be done to reduce fire risk.

“Aside from fire risk, vegetation on the roadside creates all kinds of other hazards for road users, with overgrown branches obstructing trucks and school busses and hampering lines of site at intersections.”

Ms Britnell says there needed to be a co-ordinated approach across departments, emergency services and local governments to ensure better management.

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