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Woolworths Changes

Woolworths Changes

No net reduction in staff says Supermarket giant

Woolworths have confirmed the restructure to its staff and management, which was delivered to staff at Warrnambool stores last week.

With a greater focus on fresh food, convenience and customer service, the new structure will see the creation of two new departments - Fresh Service and Fresh Convenience.

Fresh Service will manage customer service at the deli, butchery and seafood counters. Fresh Convenience will manage dairy, eggs, pre-pack meat, branded bread and meal solutions.

While there were reports last week of several employees losing jobs due to the restructure, Woolworths have clarified that while some roles are changing, there will be no net reduction in the number of team members as a result of the new operating model.

The model will provide a clearer career path for team members, and the opportunity to build skills in new areas to better serve customers. This will be backed by more than $10 million investment in team training and development. New opportunities are also being created via Assistant Team Manager roles, creating a greater layer of management development positions.

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Claire Peters, Managing Director, Woolworths Supermarkets said “All team members will be fully supported through the restructure of our store operating model and those impacted by role changes will be provided the opportunity to apply for new roles in the revised structure.”

"(This) new store operating model will empower our teams to be more customer-focused than ever before"

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