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Riding For Disabled

Riding For Disabled

Supporting Rundell's Riding School

The Riding For The Disabled School will be severely affected if Warrnambool's Rundell's Riding School is forced to close due to state government bureaucracy.

Vice Treasurer Michael McCluskey says the disabled school gets no Government funding and Rundells saves them thousands of dollars in running costs by caring for their horses all year round.

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Statement from Riding For The Disabled.

Ineptitude in decision making at State government level that has put at risk the viability of Rundell’s Riding school may also severely impact the local Warrnambool Riding for Disabled Association (RDA) which is highly reliant on its relationship with Rundell’s.

RDA provides hands on contact with horses, including the opportunity to ride, for children and adults who struggle with more adversity in their life than what other members of the community have to deal with. Riders live with a number of difficulties including autism, cerebral palsy and ‘acquired brain injuries’.

“Our RDA branch has an alliance with Rundells whereby they accommodate and pay for the the feed and other expensive care needs of our horses and ponies. This saves the RDA over $5000 per annum in costs” said Michael McCluskey who serves as Vice Treasurer and Grants Officer for the Warrnambool RDA.

“We receive no direct government funding so we rely heavily on community groups and foundations to fund our vital service. Finding extra thousands of dollars on a yearly basis could be extremely hard to manage.”

Michael also highlighted that their relationship with Rundell’s helps lowers the demands on RDA volunteers.

“Because of this alliance we no longer need to roster someone on a daily basis to check on and feed our horses.”

“If Rundell’s were to go under or close then children with special needs within the community may suffer as a result of this grossly unfair decision. The RDA hopes sanity prevails and the government decision is reversed.”

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