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Roads To Be Resealed

Roads To Be Resealed

15 Kilometres Of Local Roads To Be Resealed

Warrnambool City Council says that some sections of 35 Warrnambool streets will be resealed to help prevent costly repairs down the track.

The project is set to cost around $730,000 and will begin on Monday 18 November and run until early December and taking in about 15 kilometres of local streets.

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Warrnambool City Council Mayor Tony Herbert says that most Australian councils carried out annual resealing programs to maintain their valuable road networks.

“While most of the streets scheduled to be resurfaced seem to be in good condition at a glance, tell-tale signs of wear have begun to emerge in the form of thin cracks,”

“These cracks allow water to seep into the lower, more expensive sections of the road base and eventually create potholes while shortening the effective lifespan of the road,"

“By carrying out an annual resealing program, much of this costly damage can be prevented,"

“It’s like the old saying, a stitch in time saves nine,"

"The new seal also provides a more skid-resistant surface, resulting in safer roads.”

This is the fifth year that Council has entered into a partnership with the Corangamite Shire Council in calling for tenders to complete resealing works in both municipalities, a move which allows both councils to benefit from efficiencies due to economies of scale.

For a full list of roads to be resealed, visit

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