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Safety Signs Go Up

Safety Signs Go Up

Warrnambool and Port Fairy safety signs erected, following floods

New and crucial safety signs have been erected in Warrnambool and Port Fairy in a bid to warn locals and visitors about the flood danger around various popular spots.

The signage, developed by VICSES, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Warrnambool City Council, and Moyne Shire Council contains key safety information, emergency phone numbers, local imagery, and a handy QR code that links to online flood resources.

The signs can be seen at the Russell Creek culvert, Mortlake Road in Warrnambool and Martins Point Playground in Port Fairy.

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A La Nina weather pattern remains current, and has already brought higher than average rain throughout summer in Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

The worst individual event was the ‘one in 50-year flood’ on January 2nd, with Warrnambool receiving 51mm of rain – the majority within one hour.

Local VICES volunteers were called to 100 incidents as a result, ranging from overflowing gutters to overland flooding or storm water overflows causing residential hazards.

Heavy inland rains also caused riverine flooding in October 2020, affecting the Moyne River in Port Fairy, as well as the Hopkins and Merri Rivers, and Russell Creek in Warrnambool - sparking 45 requests for assistance for local VICSES units – including two rescues from cars stuck in floodwater.

Visitors and residents in the south west are reminded floodwaters can contain broken glass, chemical run-off, litter, sewage, and other obstructions – meaning you should never walk or drive through it.

VICSES encourages the community to read the new signage, and head to for more info on staying safe before, during, and after a flood.

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