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Seal Euthanased

Seal Euthanased

Another Aggressive Fur Seal Euthanased In Portland

An operation involving members from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victoria Police and Glenelg Shire have resulted in an aggressive fur seal being euthanased.

The seal was brought to the attention of the DELWP due to its increasingly aggressive behaviour in seeking out fish scraps thrown away by fisherman.

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DELWP Program Manager Compliance Operations Mark Breguet says that euthanasing the seal was the only available option.

“All management options, including translocation, were considered,"

“Euthanasing the seal was considered the only viable option to ensure the public’s safety, and the safety of our staff managing the situation,”

“It serves as a reminder that seals are wild animals with natural hunting instincts to source food. By feeding seals or incorrectly discarding fish scraps, humans disrupt this instinct. "

“The seal’s aggression towards humans has led to it sadly being euthanased, which is why we urge anglers to be responsible with fish scraps."

“Discard scraps in a bin or take your catch home to clean it. Do not throw them into the water or feed them to seals."

The DEWLP say they will continue to work with the Port of Portland and Glenelg Shire to educate anglers and the public about the issues surrounding feeding seals.

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