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S.E.S Kept Busy

S.E.S Kept Busy

Wintry Blast Causes Damage.

Cold wintry weather has blasted the southwest over the weekend with the temperature plummeting from an icy spell across most of the state.

S.E.S. crews across the south west region were busy with around 40 callouts across the region over the weekend.

Warrnambool S.E.S. Deputy Controller Stephen Bakker says they have attended a few incidents where strong wind gusts have caused damage to homes.

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Mr Bakker says this includes damage to roofs, lose guttering, blocked guttering, and T.V. antennas becoming dislodged.

The local SES was also kept busy with a number of trees across roads which are a major traffic safety issue.

Mr Bakker says motorists need to drive to the conditions with the roads in the region still quite dangerous with a lot of water lying around and tree limbs dislodged.

Homeowners are being urged to keep outside items like trampolines and outdoor garden furniture secured or put away until this wild weather passes.

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