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Image (supplied) - Superintendent Martin Hardy

Superintendent Welcomed

Superintendent Welcomed

Image (supplied) - Superintendent Martin Hardy

New Superintendent Welcomed To Western Region

Warrnambool and the wider Western Region has welcomed a new Police Superintendent, with Martin Hardy taking up the role of Division 2 Commander for the Western Region.

Superintendent Hardy has moved to the South West from the Southern Metro Region, with his wife who is also a Veteran Police Officer.

After growing up in a regional farming environment in the Yarra Valley, he commenced working life as a plumber, before beginning his career with Victoria Police in 1987.

Stints in a range of departments followed, from uniform policing to criminal investigation, family violence, public order response and now as a superintendent.

"It's a big responsibility, it's an honour, an absolute privilege to be down here and to be appointed in to such a role" Superintendent Hardy said.

"South West basically takes in from Cape Otway through to the SA border, up to Casterton, Southern Grampians, Skipton and back down again"

"About 22,000 square kilometers in the patch so to speak, 24 police stations and just under 300 Police, so it's a big responsibility"

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His focus in the new role for the South West Corner of Victoria, is to ensure the community feel safe, protected and able to trust Police.

"In terms of Policing more generally, I'm after community safety number one, service delivery and harm reduction" he said.

"It just means a visible Police presence, reassurance to the community and engaging with the community as we are only as good as the information that we get"

"The stats are pretty good, but stats aren't everything, you know do people feel safe in their community"

"I'm looking at predictable policing in an unpredictable way, you'll see us in the streets, but you may see us on a back road as well".

Superintendent Hardy has also spent a career break working in public sector agencies at Ambulance Victoria, Worksafe and police law enforcement oversight.

He has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, cycled from Adelaide to Melbourne as part of fundraising activities and is the president of the Churchill Fellows Association Victoria.

Superintendent Hardy began the role in early July.

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