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Taxi Drivers Needed

Taxi Drivers Needed

More drivers needed in Warrnambool

Country Victoria is struggling to get permanent taxi drivers according to Warrnambool Radio Taxis Cathy Finn.

Cathy says obtaining a taxi licence is a long process of around 5 weeks because of the hold up in police checks.

Cathy told 3AW'S Neil Mitchell show that they are desperate for more taxis drivers with other regional towns also facing the same dilemma.

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She says when they do find drivers the whole process is so slow because the Government is holding it up.

The process was a lot quicker originally when it took just 5 days to get your taxi licence ready to go.

Cathy says they would welcome new drivers with open arms and are happy to give them the relevant driving training.

She says driving a taxi is a great job but currently they don't have enough drivers to fill all shifts especially at the weekends.

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