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Temp Local Road Closures

Temp Local Road Closures

Road Closures In Place To Prevent Road Damage

Temporary road closures across the south west region, including parts of the Belfast Coastal Reserve, have commenced to promote driver safety and road damage prevention during the wetter months.

Forest, Fire Management Victoria Assistant Chief Fire Officer Andrew Morrow says the closures are important.

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“Seasonal Road Closures are an important procedure during the Winter and Spring months and deliver a two-fold environmental and safety benefit,”

“This program helps limit the damage done to forest roads and tracks during the wet season and in doing so, ensures dangerous and difficult to negotiate sections of road are closed off from motorists."

“These measures also help maintain water quality in rivers, creeks and reservoirs by reducing the amount of erosion and silt washed away from roads and tracks."

Most of the road closures will be lifted on Thursday October 13th depending on conditions.

Click here view the map of road closures in the Belfast Coastal Reserve.

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