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Image - SWH CEO Craig Fraser & Covid 19 Coordinator Sue Anderton.

Vaccination Milestone

Vaccination Milestone

Image - SWH CEO Craig Fraser & Covid 19 Coordinator Sue Anderton.

Vaccination Milestone As Cases Begin To Decline In Warrnambool

Warrnambool has hit a significant COVID-19 vaccination milestone as the number of active cases in the region starts to decline.

The Warrnambool LGA today reached the 95 per cent first-dose vaccination rate, the highest percentage recorded on the Australian Government vaccine roadmap website.

The city’s double dose vaccinations stands at more than 70 per cent per cent, with confirmation of today’s data expected to be released around 4pm.

Nearly 300 first doses and 2526 second doses were delivered last week.

For the fifth day in a row, Warrnambool recorded no new cases of COVID-19, the number of active cases in the Warrnambool cluster was reduced overnight to 22
from a high of 25.

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Two more people were cleared overnight in Corangamite, leaving only one active case from a previous high of four.

The case numbers include one from outside the region.

The good news arrives as Warrnambool starts local vaccinated economy trials, opening four businesses to fully vaccinated people.

South West Healthcare CEO Craig Fraser said the high vaccination rate, reduction in case numbers and start of the trials were reasons for cautious optimism.

However, while praising the community for its response, Mr Fraser urged people to remain COVID-safe.

“We are now entering the next phase of our battle against COVID and while we’re in a good spot and people can start to move around, we must remember to be safe in everything we do,” Mr Fraser said.

“The new trial is a great opportunity for Warrnambool but we have to be aware the threat of COVID is never far away and maintain social distancing and hygiene protocols"

“Our high vaccination rate and the way the community has responded in getting tested and also in minimising movement during this most recent outbreak has allowed us to keep it under control and move into this trial, now we have to embrace a cautious re-opening.”

Mr Fraser said he expected the remaining active COVID case in Camperdown to be cleared this week.

Some people in Warrnambool are also approaching the end of their 14-day isolation period.

“We encourage them to keep doing the right thing which will help us to clear more cases, helping us to move closer to our aim of zero cases over the next seven to 10 days.”

Over the weekend, 650 people were tested in Warrnambool, bringing the weekly total to 2712, all tests returned so far were negative.

There were no new exposure sites identified over the weekend.

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