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Image - Parks Victoria

Volcanic Lakes Campaign

Volcanic Lakes Campaign

Image - Parks Victoria

Volcanic Lakes and Plains Project

A new ad campaign will hit TV screens this Sunday, highlighting the South West's Volcanic Lakes and Plains.

The project will aim to create awareness of an area that has not been widely promoted to visitors in the past, and is a collaboration between Great Ocean Road Tourism and the Corangamite, Moyne, Ararat, Colac Otway and Southern Grampian Shires.

The Volcanic Lakes and Plains stretch from Beeac in the east, through to Tower Hill and Budj Bim in the west, and as far north as Mortlake, Penshurst and Lake Bolac.

“The Volcanic Lakes and Plains has a rich history and towns that have genuine country charm and hospitality, stretching across South West Victoria it presents the perfect weekend road trip." said Corangamite Shire Coiuncil CEO Andrew Mason.

“For many people the east-west highways are just a way to get from point A to point B, we're encouraging them to take the blinkers off (or put their blinker’s on and venture off the highway) to explore the amazing landscapes and friendly towns they might never have noticed.”

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The Volcanic Lakes and Plains project has been driven by industry and community representatives from northern towns of the Corangamite Shire.

"This campaign is about awareness, we want to make sure people here know what is available on their very doorstep” said Great Ocean Road Tourism General Manager Liz Price.

“Ours is Australia’s largest, and the third largest Volcanic Plain in the world”

“Climbing Mount Elephant or Mount Noorat to see inside the craters and views of the surrounding landscape from their peaks is such an amazing experience and one not to be missed, let alone the magic of watching a storm roll across the crater that is Tower Hill."

The project has been in part funded by wind farm developer Global Power Generation Australia (GPG), who are currently constructing the wind farm at Berrybank.

Locals will notice a billboard on the Princes Highway this week, will start seeing promotions for the Volcanic Lakes and Plains online, and can tune in to the Prime Network to see the new television commercial, featuring music from local artist Cooper Lower, from June 21st.

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