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Wunta Fiesta Update

Wunta Fiesta Update

Wunta Fiesta Looks Toward 2022 After Cancellation Announcement

Sad news today out of the Wunta Fiesta Committee, who have confirmed the festival has made the decision not to forge ahead with an event in 2021.

Commitee Chair Donna Gladman said whilst it was a sad announcement to make, under the current climate it was the right decision.

"It's very sad news for us to have to share with everyone, but not surprising I wouldn't think that we have unfortunately make the announcement that were cancelling Wunta 2021" she said.

"We know that restrictions are really tight at the moment, outdoor gatherings are still only at 10, we would need to try and gather hundreds of people"

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"We are four months out from the event now, so even if restrictions were magically lifted by February, we don't think it would be socially responsible of us to try and gather all of those people".

Mrs Gladman said they also wanted to keep their many sponsors in mind who have had a tough year, with the focus to now shift to a bigger and better event in 2022.

"We are really focusing all of our energy and we are taking this as a positive not a negative, as a chance to regroup, reboot and recharge and come back in 2022 with something even bigger than we have done before".

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